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Times of Activities

Nippers start at 8:30am each Sunday and finishes around 10:30am depending on the weather, conditions, helpers etc

WK Date Event Program Location BBQ Beach Set Up Non Terrigal Canivals and Events
0 Sun 5/10/2014 New Nippers Day Under 6's and New U/7-U/14's & Profciencies


AM Beach Set Up
Sat 4/10 and Sun 5/10 Forster Surf (9-opens)
1 Sun 12/10/2014 Full Nippers Commence U8 Welcome Tunnel/ CC Elections Terrigal U14  
2 Sun 19/10/2014 Nippers   Terrigal U13's Saturday 18/10 U12 - Masters @ Toowoon Bay
  Fri 24/10/2014 Season Welcome BBQ & SIPS 5pm at the Club Terrigal    
3 Sun 26/10/2014 Club Championship Rd 1   Terrigal U12's Sat 25/10 Beach Only Carnival U12 - Masters  @ Toowoon Bay
4 Sun 2/11/2014 SLSCC Carnival - 1 U/6's & 7's  (Terrigal) Shelly Beach Water Safety 11/12's Sat 1/11 Round 1 NPJIP 10s - 14-s @ Shelly Beach
5 Sun 9/11/2014 AFTERNOON NIPPERS -3PM and sips   Terrigal U11's Sat 8/11 Kracka IP 9's - 14s @ Swansea Belmont
6 Sun 16/11/2014 Nippers Skills Day Terrigal U10's Sunday 16/11 Newcastle Perm Rd 2-(10-14's) @ Avoca 1pm Start
7 Sun 23/11/2014 Nippers   Terrigal U9's Sun23/11 Bennett IP & Board Freshwater (9-14's) 13/14 Jnr Camp
8 Sun 30/11/2014 SLSCC Carnival - 2 U/6's & 7's  (Terrigal) Toowoon Bay WATER SAFETY 9/10s  
9 Sat 6/12/2014 Club Championship Rd 2 @3pm U8/-14s only Terrigal U14's  
9 Sun 7/12/2014 Nippers 6 and 7's ONLY 6/7's only Terrigal   Sun 7/12 NP Final @ The Lakes
10 Sun 14/12/2014 Nippers FUN Day Funday Events Themed Terrigal U8's Saturday & Sunday - Interbranch 12s Up @ CHB
  Sat 20/12/2014 Xmas Drinks Members & Friends 5pm at the Club Terrigal    
H11 Sun 21/12/2014 Nippers Rescue and Santa Day Final Education Sign Off Terrigal U13's  
H12 Sun 28/12/2014  No Nippers Christmas Break - No Nippers  N/A  N/A  
H13 Sun 4/01/2015  No Nippers Christmas Break - No Nippers  N/A  N/A Saturday 3/1 - Gardner Ironperson (Wamberal) (9-14's)
H14 Sun 11/01/2015  Nippers  SKILLS DAY  Terrigal  U12's  
H15 Sun 18/01/2015 SLSCC Carnival - 3 U/6's & 7's (Terrigal)  North Entrance  WATER SAFETY 13/14s  
H16 Fri 23/01/2015 FRIDAY Twilight Nippers Nippers (4:30pm)and Littles Disco (7:00pm)  Terrigal  U11's  Sunday 25th - Manly Nippers Nationals 11-14s @Manly
17 Sun 1/02/2015 Club Championships - 3   Terrigal U10's  
18 Sun 8/02/2015 Nippers SKILLS DAY  Terrigal U9's  
19 Sun 18/01/2015 SLSCC Carnival - 3 U/6's & 7's (Terrigal) Terrigal ALL AGE GROUPS Water Safety 8's only, Officials
20 Sun 22/02/2015 AFTERNOON NIPPERS -3PM and sips   Terrigal  U8's/U12's Masters and Seniors Branch at Terrigal
21 Sun 1/03/2015  Nippers      U14's  
22 Fri 6-Sun 8/3/2015 NSW State Age Championships 9s-14s complete     Each Age Group will be required to supply officials and water safety
23 Sun 15/03/2015 Final Funday (6s-7s presentation) Fund Day/BBQ/Richard Bridge Memorial Race  Terrigal U11/U10's  
  Sun 3/5/2015 TSLSC Nipper Presentation    Terrigal    

Nipper Calendar - Weekly Program

Nipper Calendar - Carnivals & Events

The purpose of this paper is to outline the U8 – U14 Club Championships and the junior team’s selection process for carnivals (excludes - Aussie Youth Championships). In relation to team selection for carnivals we operate from the principle of MERIT based team selection.

  • Club Champions 3-2-1 are determined solely from the points accrued at club championship days only.
  • Team selection for carnivals is based on both Club Championship results and carnival finalists as outlined below.

Club Championship Awards

  • There are three Club Championship rounds, two scheduled before Christmas and one before the Branch carnival to cater for an even spread of performances through the season. 
  • Club Championship rounds are designed to simulate full carnival conditions including use of officials where we can and operating by the carnival rules. It is also possible that highly competitive nippers may have to do a number of rounds of competition on a Club Championship day. This is not different to a carnival.
  • Points are recorded at Club Championship rounds based on the place of each nipper in each event (i.e. 1st = 7 points, 2nd = 6 points, 3rd = 5 points, etc, down to 7th or greater = 1 point). We have two recorders who keep independently separate records that are then cross-checked to ensure integrity). Point scores are cumulative.
  • Events contested are those available as individual events at SLSCC Carnivals;
    o    U8:             Beach Sprint, Flags and Wade
    o    U9/U10s:         Beach Sprint, Flags, Swim and Board
    o    U11/U12/U13/14      Beach Sprint, Flags, Swim, Board and Iron Person
  • The points from these three rounds are used to select Club Champions 3-2-1 in each age group both M and F which are presented at our annual awards night at the end of the season.
  • To be eligible to win the Club Championship, nippers must have at least 75% attendance at Terrigal nippers days (or be representing the Club at carnivals), and must compete in at least one of the SLSCC junior carnivals, and must compete in at least two of the three Club Championship rounds.
  • Additional nippers in each age group both M and F are recognised at the end of the season as follows:
    o    Most Improved
    o    Encouragement Award – Beach
    o    Encouragement Award – Water
    o    Spirit of Terrigal

Carnival Team Selection Process

  • Records are kept for the four official Central Coast Branch junior carnivals, and these are added onto the Club Championship point score rounds.
  • Please note that non-official carnivals are NOT included in the point score.


  • The points allocated for carnivals are based on places achieved in the Final (only) of each event and are relative to Terrigal competitors only. This means whoever places higher in a Final from Terrigal gets maximum points.
  • Points Table based on Terrigal Finalists in an individual event.


# of Terrigal Finalist 1 2 3 4 5 6 7+
1st Terrigal 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
2nd Terrigal   1 2 3 4 5 6
3rd Terrigal     1 2 3 4 5
4th Terrigal       1 2 3 4
5th Terrigal         1 2 3
6th Terrigal           1 2
7th Terrigal             1
Other Terrigal Finalists             1+

This season we have 3 Club Championship rounds plus carnivals at Shelly Beach, Toowoon Bay, North Entrance and Branch at Terrigal. This gives a database of nippers performances based on 7 selection events which the cumulative point scores are progressively based to determine carnival team selections.

In the event of a tie

  • There will be a count back on the last three events (i.e. Club Championship rounds and/or Central Coast Branch junior carnivals), and the nipper with the majority of highest results will be selected in the team.
  • In the event of a dead-heat, which may impact the final selection of a team, the dead-heated nippers will be provided the opportunity to run/paddle/swim off against each other.

Nominations Close and Entry

  • Nominations for local SLSCC Carnivals close at 12 noon on the Sunday prior to the Carnival. Entries are via the Carnival Entries Form on the Club Noticeboard. Please only nominate for SLSCC Carnivals if you are going to attend as TSLSC is required to pay the entry fee for each nominated nipper.
  • To be eligible to represent Terrigal SLSC at Carnival events after 31 January each season, nippers must have fulfilled the requirements for SLS Education relevant to their age group prior to the 31 December as per SLSA policy.

Late Entries

  • Late entries for individual events will be paid direct by parent and the nipper will not be eligible for team events.

Teams Announced

  • Any nominated nipper may contest individual events at carnivals. Team selections based on rankings will be posted on the club website and or notice board by 7pm on Thursday prior to each of the four Central Coast Branch junior carnivals and the State carnival. 
  • Age relay teams are: Sprint (4 members), Swim (4 members), Board (3 members) and Wade (4 members and 8s only)
  • Age groups may have multiple relay teams in each event

If unclear of the team selections or rankings you are entitled to raise your complaint or query in writing (or email) to the Director of Junior Activities only (ie not coaches, age managers or recorders) within  48 hours of the selections being posted. Email

You will be able to see the points scores used for the selection decision and understand the rationale for the selection.  Any complaint or query will be dealt with promptly and you will receive a formal response. 

Illness, injury or non participation (for any reason) or failing to finish an event is not a ground
For appeal.

All Age Relays (Beach Sprint and Board) & Cameron Relays Selection Process
For All Age and Cameron Relays teams selections we do not use the cumulative point score, the reason being we need to select the best male OR female of each age group, and therefore have to run off the best males and females to select the competitor to represent each age group.

All Age 8s – 14s
The top 4 males and females from each age group in board and beach sprint events will then compete in a race-off for the All Age Relay place. This means the top 8 nippers (4 boys and 4 girls) from each age group will be in the running for a place in the All Age Relay events. The winner of this race-off in each age group is the All Age Relay competitor, the second place getter is the reserve.

The All Age Relay teams selected for Branch carnival will be the team for State carnival as well unless someone is ill or unavailable on the day.

Cameron Relay  11s-14s
Teams of four competitors comprising of a board paddler, swimmer and two runners compete in this relay.  Age Managers may elect to nominate an age group team or sub-junior and junior team subject to the availability of competitors.

As Cameron Relay can be a mixed team, following the completion of the Club Championship and Iron person events, the top 4 nippers from each age group shall compete in combined age groups for each of the Cameron Relay disciplines (swim, sprint & board) to determine Sub-Junior (i.e. U12) and Junior (i.e. U14) Cameron Relay team selections or Age Group Teams.  Age managers may run these events concurrently with the Club Championship events where possible. Alternatively age managers may elect to nominate a team(s) from each age group.

This must be advised to nippers and parents prior to the start of each respective event.

The Cameron Relay teams however chosen need to be made up of the highest ranked available competitors from each age group for each discipline. i.e Blue Team, highest ranked swimmer, paddler and top two runners, white team – second highest swimmer, paddler and next two highest ranked available runners.

Nipper must compete in team heats at Carnivals

  • If a nipper selected for a team does not compete in the team for the heats, they cannot then just participate in the team in semi finals or finals. The team that competes in the heats shall contest later rounds, unless one or more of the team members makes themselves unavailable, and then the available place/s will be offered to the next highest ranked nipper of that age group for that event.  The team shall be comprised of members of the appropriate age group as the first priority, and only then can be supplemented by a competitor from a younger age group. If a nipper is selected to compete up an age group, they must firstly fulfil all team selections in their own age group.

Event Clashes at Carnivals

  • We have many nippers who are proficient at both water and beach events, however at many carnivals there are many reasons for not being able to do a race mostly around conflicting timing of events. For example, a nipper wants to do flags and is in the board relay team as well, however on the day both events run or are marshalling at the same time.
  • Nippers may ultimately need to specialise in either beach or water activities, or decide what races are important to them prior to the day. They should then advise their age manager of the choices so reserves can be in place for team events should a timing conflict arise.
  • It is the Age Managers responsibility to ensure the team(s) are available when the event is called and to substitute with the next available ranked nipper should an originally selected team member be unavailable.
  • It is not in the spirit of surf lifesaving for one nipper to pull out of a team at the last moment and therefore no chance is possible to enter a team in the event.
  • When you know what events your child will be in for a carnival, and particularly for Branch and State, please talk through the events with your child to determine what they want to do on the day and get them to make clear choices in advance and let your age manager know at the start of the carnival.

Revised Terrigal Surf Life Saving Club – September 2014.

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