Coaching - Coaching

Terrigal Surf Club is a very successful club in competition. We have a core of very experienced coaches who continue to develop a squad of very competitive athletes in our club coaching program. Club coaching starts in the Nippers and carries right through in all disciplines. Terrigal Club coaches are appointed by the club, are qualified and dedicated to developing and encouraging the skills of our nippers.

Training for Nippers is generally undertaken during the week after school. This is organised by the Beach and Water Coaches. This is optional training and is available for all members eligible to compete for Terrigal at Surf Carnivals. Additional assistance is required of parents for water safety to allow nippers to train safely. If you are interested in doing your Bronze Medallion to help us with water safety, we are willing to train you.

Club coaching schedule is updated weekly on the Terrigal Nippers Facebook site.

Coaching - Club Training Schedule

Coaching - Proficiency Requirements

All Nippers are instructed in surf safety and awareness and are tested by the club. Children that attend these days will receive the necessary instruction to achieve their award. This is called the Surf Education program. This program MUST be completed to attend ANY carnival and is the official award from Surf Life Saving Australia (see Education).


The Proficiency Test

To compete at Terrigal in the water and at any recognised carnival, you must complete the Surf Ed program, the time pool swim and the run swim run, as set out below.

Age Group Run-Swim-Run Time Pool Swim
U8 Nil 25m no time limit
U9 50m-50m-50m 200m pool swim within 6 minutes
U10 50m-50m-50m 200m pool swim within 6 minutes
U11 50m-100m-50m 200m pool swim within 5 minutes
U12 50m-100m-50m 200m pool swim within 5 minutes
U13/U14 100m-100m-100m 200m pool swim within 5 minutes


Accredited coaches can sign the Time Swim Forms.

Please complete the club Timed Swim Form and hand it to your Manager by the second week of the Season.