Patrol Roster

Lifesaving – Patrol Roster

The patrol roster at Terrigal Surf Life Saving Club is published prior to the first patrols of the season. In most cases you will be rostered on to the same patrol team as previous seasons, however sometimes patrol members need to move patrols to meet skills, qualifications and experience shortages on another patrol.

If you are unable to attend your rostered patrol on a regular basis, then you should contact the Director of Lifesaving to discuss your particular needs, so that you can have a patrol roster developed that can enable your continued service. Patrol members cannot swap patrols without the knowledge and consent of the Director of Lifesaving.
Throughout the season, if you cannot make your rostered patrol due to a one off event, in most cases (as long as you don't leave it till the last minute) someone will be able to substitute for you on your patrol. To find a sub:

  • Have a look in Blues News at the Patrol Swaps, see if you can find someone else seeking a sub on a date you can make, get in contact with the person on the list that needs a swap and see if you can do a deal.
  • If you can't find a sub, then email to advertise your patrol swap requirements. Please note deadline of Tuesday 4pm for Blues each week.
  • Remember, to gain 100% patrol attendance, you must make up the rostered patrol hours by completing the patrol swap for the other person.


2017-18 Patrol Roster