Lifesaving at Terrigal

Every weekend and public holiday (including Christmas Day) from September to April, Terrigal’s beach is manned by volunteer lifesavers. Weekdays Gosford Council Lifeguards patrol the beach.

Our primary responsibility is between the red and yellow flags and we also provide surveillance and assistance for nearly 2km of coastline from the Haven in the south along past the lagoon in the north.

Terrigal Beach is an exciting and interesting location to patrol - as a destination that is very popular with both locals and tourists (over 300 000 beach visitors each summer), there is always plenty of activity and a role for everyone. We currently have approximately 350 volunteer patrol members rostered for duty throughout the season.

Terrigal caters for a wide variety of water sports very near to our Clubhouse including:
    •    Rock fishing and diving near The Haven
    •    Boating
    •    Ocean swimming
    •    Surfing

While the area in front of the Clubhouse generally has a smaller surf, the conditions heading north along the beach can be far more treacherous and challenging. There are several ‘rips’ along the beach, even when conditions appear calm. Always swim between the flags and take guidance from our Patrol members.

Patrol Hours throughout the season are:

9am to 5pm -  September (1st Saturday of school holidays) to December

8am to 7pm -  December (1st Saturday of school holidays) to January (last Sunday of school holidays or Australia Day, whichever is latest)  

9am to 5pm – February (1st Saturday after school resumes) to April (last Sunday of school holidays or Anzac Day, whichever is latest)